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Ok, so you own your own business and things are pretty good. But there are days when you've hired a new employee, secured the big deal, taken out the thrash and now you have to plan your marketing for the month. When you can't even think about next week! Feeling light-headed from the whirlwind of doing business.
Then maybe it's time to partner with a marketing professional who can help you through the marketing daze and keep you from making those knee-jerk marketing decisions. Not another full time employee. Not an advertising agency with a big monthly fee, but a "big picture" expert that can develop a sound marketing plan and help you stick with it. No more "knee-jerk, willy, nilly" marketing decisions but a sound, well executed plan. All at an affordable price.
So if you're a business owner ready for a growth spurt, but not sure how to make it happen, then it's time to talk to McQueen Marketing.
What we bring to the table:
Development of Marketing Plan
Development of Marketing Budget
Digital Media Opportunities
Marketing Campaign Development and Execution
Media Relations
Media Planning and Buying
Public Relations and Community Outreach Strategies
Coordination of Creative Strategies
Integrated Marketing Programs
Social Media Strategy

Industry Experience:

Health Care and Medical
Banking and Financial Services
Land Development
Commercial/Residential Construction
Industrial and Manufacturing
Higher Education